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Building Pools on a Slope or Hillside

Building Pools on a Slope or Hillside

Many clients like infinity pools to enhance their backyard's ocean view.

You’ve seen them—ritzy, sparkling pools teetering ever-so-precariously over a hillside edge over the Hollywood Hills.  How do they do it?  My property is too steep to ever build a pool, you might say. Although it looks impossible, we at Sunset Pools are experts who can help you build that dream pool in your backyard’s hillside.

Hillside pools are any types of pool that require grade beams to support its foundation.  Because we employ only the nation’s best engineers, Sunset Pools can build pools on 45-degree inclines or even higher.  Just hand us the design, and we will build it.  Our portfolio ranges throughout all areas of Southern California, from properties in Laguna Beach all the way to the Pacific Palisades or inland in Anaheim Hills.

An infinity edge pool is the perfect example of a hillside pool.  Taking full advantage of the hillside view, infinity pools have vanishing edges where the water spills over into a hidden reservoir, giving the illusion of a never-ending border. Of course, such an elegant design entails a more complicated construction procedure—more construction materials and engineering pumps are needed, and additional steps are added in order to hide the back wall of the pool to complete the look.  Sometimes, the garden or area down the slope of the property may be hard to access, but we can build infinity-edge basins in a position that creates a lower patio around the pool, so our clients can add furniture and sit with the pool behind them.

Because of all this extra engineering and additional materials, take into account that an infinity pool can add an additional cost to the pool’s construction bill: usually about $1,000 per foot of infinity edge.

Sunset Pools can also do a reverse style of the infinity edge style where we erect a wall against the pool, creating an endless waterfall that instead spills into the pool.  We do this by creating a retaining wall on the hillside behind the pool and using this to create water feature.  Sunset Pools can also take the actual pool and raise it 12-18 inches, allowing the front of the pool to spill inside the housing.  We can also add in modified lighting fixtures inside and around the pool to add ambiance to the environment. Let your imagination run wild—we will build it for you!

For a pool or spa consultation, contact us today by calling us at 714-538-4398 or by using our online form.

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